blut shock correspondence therapy
Dr. Frederick Health has outclassed Freud with his original thinking, keen insight and reproductive advice.  He is a true genius.  If I were alive today his theories would radically change many of my own ill-constructed theories and his book would have been my Bible.  I wish I could have worked side by side with Dr. Health.  He’s helping so many of you in so many ways, how can anyone else compete.  I know that he really cares.
Dr.Carl Jung,  Founder, Analytical Psychology
This sounds like it’s as good an idea as mine.  Great breakthrough!
L.Ron Hubbard,  Founder Scientology
I am no longer so deep in that great pit of despair thanks to Dr. Health and the “slap in the face” he gave me through Blunt Shock Correspondence Therapy.  The single most important thing I’ve learned is how happy other people are.  Thank you for caring.
Marilyn Fox,  Successful Businesswoman
Dr. Health’s Philosophy and his practice of Blunt Shock Correspondence Therapy changed my life.  It helped me to force my children through puberty and adolescence and taught me how to put my wife in her place.  He really, really cares.
Harold Kyle Jensen,  Electrician
Before being introduced to Blunt Shock Correspondence Therapy I had a lot of problems.  I was shy, found it very hard to make decisions and new friends.  In addition, my 15-year-old daughter was on drugs.  Dr. Health really set me straight.  I no longer care about others and stay home most of the time all alone avoiding my issues with shyness and making new friends.  I threw my daughter out of the house and haven’t been in touch with her for over a year.  Thank you Dr. Health for turning my life around and helping me eliminate my stress.  And I’ll always remember that you really care.  Oh, and did my credit card finally go through?
Helen Teri Manchester (1961-2010),  Ex-Manicurist
“If you know how things work it is much easier to understand how they work whether a gardener, veteran, veterinarian or carpet installer.”
Stan Bennigan,  Carpet Installer
“Blunt Shock Therapy and Dr. Frederick Health, the genius who developed it, taught me to take responsibility for my situation as I experienced it. There is no question that I would have continued my correspondence with Dr. Health but it simply got too expensive and the bank wouldn’t give me a third home-equity loan as he suggested. Dear, Dear Dr. Health, thank you for all the time you devoted to working with me. In spite of my financial problems I am more in debt to you than anyone on the face of the earth. And I know that you really care.”
Otto Vernon,  Plumber
“When friends told me about your therapy I didn’t believe them. I didn’t think anyone could accomplish all that they told me about with just three of your discount therapy packages. But I was absolutely wrong. Before writing to you I was constantly running into closed doors. How stupid of me not to open them first. Thank you for such a quick resolution to this issue. I look forward to our future correspondence, thank you for your “three easy payment” program and want you to know how well your products have been selling. Please don’t forget to send me the book I paid for as soon as you write it. I’ll always remember that you are the one who really cares.”
Melinda Birdsall,  Dental Hygienist
“I originally came across Dr. Frederick Health from his great ad in the yellow pages. It was the only double page ad in the book. It really taught me something about the value of advertising and I have really learned about myself and my last job since our correspondence. He eventually honored me by making me an “Official Disciple” because I got so many other people to write to him. Talk about changing my life! Thank you, thank you, and thank you again.”
Milton Gottfried,  Unemployed
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